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Educate attraction managers & business owners in the topic of D2C eCommerce through a long-form gated guide that would attract qualified leads within the attraction’s industry.

Educate attraction managers & leisure business owners on the topic of D2C eCommerce through a long-form gated guide that would attract qualified leads within the attraction’s industry.
Convious helps attractions deliver best-in-class digital experiences to their guests through their innovative AI-driven visitor experience software.

Project Summary.

COVID19 was the catalyst that accelerated digitalization in the leisure industry. Almost overnight, ‘contactless’ and ‘online’ became the two major must-haves that every attraction swore by. But adjusting so abruptly to the new digital trends that raised due to the pandemic wasn’t an easy feat for attractions, who for the longest time, had operated ‘just fine’ with their legacy systems. 

After COVID19, that was no longer the case and ‘eCommerce’ was not a choice anymore.  The pandemic revealed the industry’s long-due need to digitalize customer journeys, and highlighted the weaknesses of selling through resellers and traditional offline strategies, where attractions not only lost control of their business image and customer relationships, but also revenue opportunities. 

In such a context, Convious software offered an easy to implement solution that would help attractions go digital almost overnight, while allowing them to get rid of the in-between resellers and gain back control of their business through D2C (direct-to-consumer) sales. 

The goal of this inbound campaign was therefore to create awareness and educate attraction managers on the benefits and opportunities that online D2C sales could bring to their business, while posing an easy to implement solution to their problem in such complicated and urgent times. 

The campaign consisted of promoting a downloadable D2C guide, followed up by a lead-nurturing email strategy: a series of automated emails that further informed and educated those leads who had shown their initial interest in the topic.

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