I help brands turn their ideas into compelling content that inspires change.


Create great content experiences that add value to both your ideal customers and your business.


Hi, I'm Maitane.

I'm a writer, storyteller and content marketer who relishes the challenge of creating impact through words. 

With a life-long passion for writing & storytelling and +5 years of experience as a Content Marketer, I enable small purpose-driven businesses get their message across in a compelling way that inspires action.

I work through all the stages of the creative process, from strategy and initial concepting to writing, editing, and distribution to help you fully leverage content as a means to grow your business.

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Make content the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.


I help small businesses grow by providing creative content creation, content strategy, and storytelling services that communicate with the heart of their audience and inspire a strong desire for action.

I can help you leverage content in various ways, depending on your needs. Whether it's through thoughtful fleshing out of an idea or taking a detailed outline and running with it, I make sure you take the necessary steps forward towards increasing your brand awareness, reaching new heights in your industry, and building more meaningful relationships with your ideal clients.

From creating your brand's origin story out of scratch, to short and long format blog posts & lead magnets, thought leadership articles, video & podcast script-writing, website copywriting, social media content or ghost writing. Always strategically selecting and curating the right content format, angle and story to serve your specific business purpose in mind.  

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