My drive is to
inspire positive change and move ideas forward through words and stories that resonate.

Most 'about' pages bore the hell out of you with professional & educational background, certificates, or employer history. 

*yawns in Spanish*

Sorry, rude. But really, how is that supposed to define someone? Instead, I’d like to show you a bit of the real me here, if you don’t mind getting past the surface. 

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About (the real) me.

I was born and raised in a small coastal city in the north of Spain, and moved to California at the age of 5 where I spent my first months utterly confused, silently observing that weird new world I had just landed in, and not speaking a word of English.

One day, I finally opened my mouth and as my mother says, haven't shut up ever since - always looking for new and creative ways to express myself and point my finger at the meaningful patterns and connections I see in the world.

After some time we moved back to our home town where I continued my education, pursued a double degree in Business Administration and Law, and decided that although learning about subpoenas, taxations or civil procedure was cool and all, what really sparked something in me was the opportunity to use content creation and creative writing to communicate, build connections and help highlight business value. Apparently, this thing called 'marketing' was the perfect intersection for it and so I began to explore it.

My fuel.

I've been stuck with the questions ‘where do I fit in the world?’, ‘what’s my role here?’ and ‘how does my unique existence serve others?’ for a long time. [Now you're thinking *Oh shoot, another existentialist…* Yeah I know. But aren't we all searching for our place in the world after all?]. Gaining clarity around these questions has required throwing myself into very diverse experiences. Many things have changed throughout the years, and my journey hasn’t been exactly linear, but looking back I’ve been able to identify a constant: my drive to transform the world around me and move meaningful ideas forward through the power of words and stories.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had an impulse to create.

It was my favourite form of play as a child (and still is today).

When the world gets heavy, I write.
I contemplate the world around me constantly and deeply, noticing patterns, symbols and connections others might not see.

I believe that any meaningful and valuable piece of content comes from listening and observing first; to capture the messages that are already out in the world and find creative ways to convey them so that they can reach and transform the right people.

In my free time...

I create content for my blog and host a personal growth & development podcast called The Growth Lab. You’re welcome to subscribe to the newsletter and join our community anytime.

I believe we all play a specific role in the world. There’s explorers, mediators, leaders, creators, healers, activists, debaters… Looking back, I've realized there’s been three major roles I’ve always played throughout my life: 
1. I'm a relationship builder:

I seek for connections beyond the surface. People come to me for advice and feel comfortable opening up to me. I tend to act as a bridge or facilitator between people, and believe that meaningful and authentic connections are the most powerful vehicle through which we can transform the businesses, economies and societies around us.

2. I'm a communicator:

I am expressive and communicative by nature. I create with empathy front and center, and I’m fascinated by the power of imagination and emotion as a way to inspire and drive behavior. I love finding new creative ways to illustrate a vision or idea and engaging in the process of getting others excited about it.

3. I'm an initiator.

I like to start things - all the time. From directing all my middle-school classmates to cast on a silly film I’d written to starting a podcast show or making the leap from corporate to starting my own freelance journey, I always have an endless list of creative projects that I can’t wait to explore. After having experienced some major unexpected changes in my life, I find a certain sense of empowerment and fulfilment in actively choosing change, rather than waiting around for change to choose me.

Pheeew! Glad we got that out of the way. Don't you feel you know a little bit more about me now?

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