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Content Creation
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Create the copy & structure for a co-browsing product page that would highlight the feature’s benefits and encourage conversion performance.
24sessions is a secure video-calling & co-browsing solution built for customer interaction that covers every step of the digital customer journey - with integrated appointment booking, routing, video calls with co-browsing and screen sharing, compliant recordings and AI-powered meeting insights.

Project Summary.

In 2021 24sessions launched its co-browsing feature with the goal to help companies simultaneously navigate the same web page with their customers and offer better and more efficient problem-solving.

In order to promote it, they wanted to have a dedicated product-page that clearly highlighted the value, benefits and use cases of this new feature.

My Role.

My role consisted in first, conducting desk-research on the competitor landscape and analysing the elements, structure, and content of multiple co-browsing pages. Secondly, designing the page structure, carefully considering the visitor’s potential contexts, needs, and behaviors. And lastly, crafting the copy for the page, keeping the following elements front and center: 

  • addressing the need right away with a clear hero section and CTA at the top
  • trust and social-proof elements such as testimonials and client logos
  • feature summary (what co-browsing is, what problem it solves and how) 
  • illustrative visuals & imagery with a purpose (e.g.: adding an explanatory video to aid the visitor’s understanding of the feature)
  • feature’s main benefits & 24sessions’ USPs 
  • a dedicated section to address security & compliance - two factors of key importance for companies within the target audience (banks, financial institutions, public sector, customer contact centers…) who manage customers’ sensitive and personal information on a day-to-day basis. 
  • FAQ section to solve both for the visitor and search engines (SEO)
  • clear, concise & no-fluff copy all-round to help the page’s flow & readability
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What the team has to say:

Maitane is one of the most hard-working and talented marketers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Overdelivering constantly, always 3 steps ahead. Besides her organizational skills, Maitane is also an incredible content writer and creator. At 24sessions she created compelling, funny and spot-on nurture flows that move incoming leads further down the funnel. For our Christmas campaign, Maitane managed the entire process, from planning to drafting the storyline and the close collaboration with our video agency. But most importantly, she's just a great person to be around. Smart, humble and fun.

Rick Brink

CMO | 24sessions

Maitane is the best! She's a real all-rounder and smart-working marketer. No matter what task she's given, she'll make it work and deliver it on time. Apart from being a great Project Manager, she can write, she always has cool ideas for campaigns - and she'll never shy away from executing on them. She's also one of the most optimistic people I've met. I can't imagine anyone NOT enjoying working with Maitane, in and outside the office.

Lisanne Buisman

Content Marketer | 24sessions

"There's trust and professionalism in everything she does."

“The key to working with Maitane is that you forget that you are actually working. Not only because of the close and enthusiastic way in which she approaches each project, but above all because the commitment and drive with which she faces each challenge results in the target being more than met.”

Photo of song-writer and singer Sara Zozaya

Sara Zozaya

Singer, musician & song-writer

Working with Maitane is like a breeze of fresh air.

“The energy and commitment she brings to every project is always great, and I never felt anything but extremely satisfied with her work. Her mastery of content writing both in English and Spanish is perfect if you are looking for meaningful pieces that add value to the reader. It is always a "good-to-go" from my end! Trust me, you want her in your team!”

Suania Cereceda Fiol, former Inbound Marketing Manager at Convious

Suania Cereceda


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